Wind Load Capacity - Strength

Wind Load Capacity tells you how strong your window is. It identifies the load, induced by wind, that a window or door is rated to withstand. It‚Äôs referred to as Design Pressure or DP rating by the people in the testing lab.

Wind Load

The force on a structure arising from the impact of wind.


Our Window's Defense

Multiple Internal Chambers and Bends: Having multiple chambers and bends in the vinyl frames add a considerable amount of strength to the overall window or door.

Dual Walls: Two walls are stronger than one wall. There are no single wall vinyl pieces on the Premium Series windows.

Fiberglass Reinforcement: InterForce II is a fiberglass reinforcement adding superior strength and stability to the meeting rails or our Premium Series windows. (Not available on sliding doors.)

Wind Load Capacity Numbers

The testing lab calls it Design Pressure or DP rating. For every DP rating there is a corresponding wind speed the widow or door can withstand before breaking. So the higher the mph the better. Wind speed is used for illustration purposes only as there are other factors that can effect the pressure put on a home like roof height and wind direction. Wind speed will give you a good idea of the strength of your window. The higher the wind speed the stronger your window.

Buyer Beware of Metal Reinforced Windows:

Although metal adds strength to windows, it comes at a cost - energy efficiency. Metal is a super conductor. It conducts heat from the inside of your house to the outside in the winter and brings heat into your home in the summer. This is why we use fiberglass to reinforce our windows. Fiberglass in much less conductive than metal yet still ads strength to your windows.