Nested Crank Handle in the Nested Position | Lock Lever in the Locked Position Zoom
Nested Crank Handle in the Un-nested Position Zoom
Steel Operating Arms Mounted with Six Screws for Added Security Zoom
Steel Lock Keeper for Optimal Security Zoom
Additional Photos:
  • Nested Crank Handle: This folding handle offers a smoother, more contemporary, integrated look when nested in the operator cover.
    • Aside from the aesthetic appeal, it reduces interference with blinds and curtains.
    • The streamlined design allows for easy screen release without removing the crank handle.
    • This system is uniquely designed to prevent handle collapse during operation.
  • Lock Lever: This is a single handle, multi-point locking system.
    • When you lock your window it engages the sash at multiple points for optimal security and energy efficiency.
    • Secure and solid, lets you “feel” when the window is locked.
    • The unique design makes the lock highly pick-resistant.
    • Excellent “reach-out” capability. No need to fully close the window before locking it.
    • The heart of this system is the “progressive” locking action. The tie bar engages and pulls in the lowest lock point first, followed by the remaining keeper(s) in sequence. This “zippered effect” assures the top lock point on tall units always engages and pulls in.. You can feel the smooth and easy lock operation the sequential lock action provides.